Adoption Resources and Fertility Resources

Fertility resources and adoption resources can add another layer of support during this time. Growing your family through adoption or assisted reproductive technology can be difficult. It can by physically and mentally taxing on you and your family. You are not alone. About 10-13% of families in the United States experience infertility issues. Moreover, with the increase in diverse family make ups, individuals and couples are desire different avenues to expand their families.

It may feel isolating at times, but you do not have to go through anything alone. Aside from your immediate support system, there are numerous organizations and individuals out there who can offer assistance. Below are some adoption and fertility resources that can provide support for you and your family.

Adoption Resources

Fertility Resources

  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine: Articles, Frequently Asked Questions, News, and Publications about Assisted Reproductive Technology.
  • International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination: A nonprofit organization that strives to provide the most up to date information about infertility with an open forum that allows you to discuss your journey with other families who may be experiencing similar issues.
  • Centers for Disease Control: Reports, data, and presentations on Assisted Reproductive Technology.
  • Creative Family Connections: Map of the US that allows you to click on any state to read the latest surrogacy laws for that state
  • Family Equity Council: Resources for LGBTQ families seeking to adopt or expand their families with Assisted Reproductive Technology. .
  • Fertility Within Reach: Supporting you to communicate with your physicians and insurance providers to ensure you have access to fertility treatment.
  • Men Having Babies: Surrogacy and parenting advise for gay men worldwide, including articles, webinars, and events.
  • Resolve: Support for those who have experienced infertility with links to professionals and support groups.
  • SEEDS: Nonprofit group at the forefront of defining and promoting ethical behavior for egg donation and surrogacy programs.
  • Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology: Provides unbiased information about in vitro fertilzation (IVF).

Utilizing these fertility resources and adoption resources can help you through any struggles you may be having. There are many aspects, especially with assisted reproductive technology, that are stressful. Aside from the physical and emotional stress, many prospective parents experience marital, social, financial, and religious stress. The same is true for the adoption process.

Whatever avenue you are pursuing to build your family, the process can feel very lengthy as it disrupts your typical work, family, and social activities. The financial commitment can exacerbate an already difficult time. Friends and family may be your biggest support system. However, it may also be necessary to seek out additional fertility resources or adoption resources to alleviate anxiety and stress, so you can be fully prepared to welcome home your newest family member.